Choose Turkey again something that always nationalist, fanatical religious and violent and want to join EU simultaneously also.
With the conflicting standards and values, with a hostile political ideology is the integration impossible.
Muslim leader Erdogan says that he is proud of the conquerors of South Europe. The Conquerors are according to the legend the bestiale fruit of a sexual escapade of the leaders: Fatih sultan Mehmet, Sultan Selim and Kanuni sultan Suleymen and even more of those Ottomanse warlords.

If organization refers now to the bloodsucking everything gangs of AKP anti-Europeans.
Erdogan said at the last Congress among others; “.. we go the way of Fatih sultan Mehmet, Sultan Kanuni sultan Selim and Suleyman follow ”
In the years 1000 Byzantine Empire also had immigration problems. Turks were already 150 years earlier at the border and nomads, Islamic migrants flocked continue inside … The country got terrible migrations and Islamic attacks to process and was in a permanent state of lawlessness, violence and extremist threat. In this disorder the Selculku leader Kilicarslan operated as hit team. The Muslims eventually fell in the years 1071 within and entire civilization came in a great danger …

Despite their strong anti-European discourse, have almost 90% of the Turks, under the leadership of AKP in recent decades strong regime implemented in the Turkish communities in Europe. Partly does this have to do with the well-known phenomenon of migrants because of exclusion in developing stronger feelings for their home country go ‘ country of origin ‘. Many political and religious groups in Turkey attach great importance to this Outside-Turks mentioned fifth column. On the one hand, from fear that the migrant communities their nationalist ‘ Turksheid ‘ deny, on the other hand, if convenient and easy would mobilize public lobby group in Europe.
Umbrella organisations in Europe describe themselves as: “Türkisch-Islamic Synthesis; Nationalistic, Einsatz für ein großtürkisches Reich, stark politisch. “, based on an old Ottoman banner, political ideology.
This revival of islam is also, however, a return to problems within islam who truly never are resolved. The most serious of them is the 1,400-year-old rivalry.

The Turkish state nationalism so the European Turks not let loose. They make, within this logic, still part of the Turkish community and global way fall under the authority of the Turkish Government, guardian of all Turks. This concern for the diaspora is a practical process of Turkish State, an ideology which seeks the Union of all Turks of the Adriatic Sea to the great wall of China. The paternalistic relationship between the Turkish State and its nationals is diametrically opposed to the EU started negotiations with regime by AKP …
Western heads of Government were completely surprised by the post modern Islamists such as AKP leaders who also oppose the EU leaders now ultimatums. Involves the tendency always the most rosy picture to follow through to say that Islamic parties in the first instance with the free elections at most 50 percent of the votes will then acquire, in case of proven inaccuracy of this, claiming that the Islamists moderate political responsibility will make this obvious.
The new situation will be characterised by three factors: growing political islam, growing hostility against Europe, and the danger of disintegration within Europe driven by the Muslim leaders.



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