The last 15 – 20 years is characterized by an enormous expansion drift from the Islamic community. While the whole of Europe still talks about mosques, in all municipalities under the guise of integration and social responsibility ´ ´ ´ ´ so-called ´ multifunctional ´ Islamic centres built.
AKP would under the name immigration in European countries extend its power Turks have approximately 15 million Muslims exported to Europe, their leader Erdogan and he considers this movement to even more public a primary job for Turkey. Muslim dictators want through their fifth column dominate in Europe. It is precisely these dictators who mass Muslims under the control. In North Afrıca, everything is tightly controlled and heavy oppression is also outside the limits applied. Moroccan and Turkish leaders have mobilized their accomplices before the elections. These Muslims get orders for the founding of an Islamic enclave. If you follow everything, then you see how these Muslims with not to mention methods are forced to multiply. Nowhere can an immigrant so get it as soon as the say in Europe.

What ‘ same ‘ brave man now in Europe doing? Erdogan

* relocation of militant organisations to Europe: from Milli Gorus, Diyanet, Soeleymancilar, nurcular, Fetullah, all presumably have more than 15 million in Europe are included in ratio here more power than our neighbouring countries. Turks grow rapidly, and separately under the leadership of their own anti-Europase power …

 * laws and regulations so that the millions of Turks grow separately to the majority: on Europase are lists with approved by Turkey town halls for names, so that they do not make the wrong choice if they indicate their 5 child come. On such a list by the Turkish Moslem law approved names for names that dual nationality can be obtained. For example, Johann is not a good Turkish first name, Mehmet though. Because Turks cannot remember.

* Mosques Everywhere drop, nobody has the manifest in the holes that this is a conscious strategy is to spread Islam in the world. Make sure you multiply as quickly as possible, building mosques, try to infiltrate boards and then go the country demands, full build with those so-called “places of worship”, and only then will start with the requirements of the usual speakers on top of the roof.!
* Strengthening of more Turkish TV channels to Europe with systematic state propaganda to integration. “Turkish honor, flag, language, and regional stands above everything” according to the central theme of these transmitters.!

* The members of the municipal councils, threaten, bribe politicians to put pressure on the Turkish positions ..


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