Turks have conquered the capital of Europeans and they also make films: before 1913 was 53% of the inhabitants of Istanbul Greek. When the last pogroms in 1955 had not occurred, there were 17 million inhabitants who now counts under the Istanbul, perhaps 1.8 million Greeks. Now there are no more than a few thousand.
If last plans an attack on the Christian minority Turks and let in a newspaper the news places that there has been a bomb attack on the House in Greece where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born. The men, who with their bats ready, then go on to action. They change the districts of Christians in a ‘ hell ‘.
Shops are looted for two days. There are dozens of deaths. Churches are fired and the police accepting looks. After these events left almost all Greeks of Istanbul, the city where they had lived for centuries. In 1453 the Turks led by their Fetih conquering the Byzantine capital Constantinople sultan Mehmed; the former capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. Now make terrible movies and threaten whole Europe the same barbarians.

In this series, which both in Turkey and in a number of Arab countries was a great success, is an extremely negative picture of European Christians.  It is estimated between 1.4 and 1.6 million Armenians by the genocidal persecution, involved in the deportations.
The Christian community in Turkey has dwindled from about 38 percent of the population to only 40,000 Christians anno 2012.

There are still criminal prosecutions against the Turks who repent to the Christian faith. Turkey has all sorts of laws that meant seem against minorities. The indictment is always with the “Turkish identity” that repentance is offended. 
Now is not yet a 0.01 percent of the Turkish population Christian. By expulsion and genocide is Christianity almost disappeared. In 1915 a genocide committed against the Armenians is not only; also three-quarters of the Syriac-Orthodox Pontianse and almost all population on the Black Sea has been murdered. Turkey is a secular State In the name now, but still seeks to a 100 percent Muslim country.

There is actively tried to get underneath the last Christians. In 2008, Turkish sociologists a EU-funded research conducted on the overall vision of Turks on their Christian compatriots. The results were staggering. More than 94% of all Turkish Muslims surveyed want absolutely no Christians as neighbours, while more than 82 percent had serious objections to that Christians expressing their faith in publications or during public gatherings such as church services. This explains why ethnic cleansing underway in Europe now. This dreaded “kafir” vision on Christians and Christianity is to an important extent achieved by the Turkish state politics. Turkish upbringing/education is onproportioneel anti-Western. Turks produce much movies, as an example “Valley of the wolves”, “fetih1453” … This anti-Christian series by the political Islam as indoctrination material used. This EU development money is used once again for the war machine: 91 million dollars tax money to Turkish conquest propaganda.
Also other non-Islamic communities are under fire. Turkey wants at all costs to join the European Union, but why?. We want to arrive nothing else as an enemy …EU leaders sit in own val! JongeTurken are systematically as the enemies of the West raised/trained, this way can Turkey only a tomb of EU.


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