New AKP Congress openly to a prolonged invasion in Europe calls on.

 Let us make one thing clear: nobody here has ever asked for an invasion of Muslims. They are us piece by piece by the pushed down our throats. Want to finish the job now AKP …
 Molsim leader Erdogan now says openly what they indeed want to achieve.
 Where, on the basis of birth rates the future predicted, will the number of Europeans descend to over 12% in 2060, and those who remain will increasingly ageing. And when the low birth rates persist than whites in the world will share in freefall.
 Islamists are now only with increasing their population growth: Erdogan has always had a hidden agenda that now increasingly in public. He will change Turkey in an Islamic State and EU verspoelen with the huge amount of Muslims who as fifth column. It is high time that the other countries even waking up and turning away from this invasion.
 AKP leaders forcing even more births at the illiterate women.. It is the Europeans who have the Jihad after thousand years eventually reports and abolished slavery, and have this abolition worldwide enforced.
 According to Erdogan if the Europeans politically marginalised, cultural and military than the world order will be divided again and probably even the borders. The Jihad will again, and the Islamic slavery in Africa and (early or late) Europe will return …
 Since the new type invasion of Muslims in the West is busy, there is no longer a long time of civilisation. We could but the time half a century back when we were still safe on the streets and the police could hardly work had. Just look at the sheer numbers of people who are in psychological problems and no longer see it all.


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